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Our pride, the MAARGA Girls Football Club is inching towards growth and assertion. Two registered football coaches, one manager are working hard to reach new heights. Today our children with their boots/ stockings firmly enter the ground 10 minutes before 5:00 AM every day. A life-time habit is being developed to empower one's mind and health.

During this hour, the childrein seize the opportunity and work hard to sculpt themselves and remove unwanted ideas/thoughts/experiences to emerge as a beautiful sculpture. While couple of years back, the children had no idea of their positions in the game, had little stamina, attitude or the needed spirit, today the children with their consistent hardwork and effort have raised there levels.

We at MAARGA are proud of the girls who have won tournaments and many matches and congratulate them in their path to make history.


Because the of the way in which the children have developed in their self-confidence, self-esteem, discipline and performances, we want to develop their leadership even further.


Apart from football, we are promoting sports as per the likes and demand of our children. We are planning to extend to Frisbee and Cricket.

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