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What is this program?

We try to address the deficit in unemployment, low wages in garment factory, and work on women empowerment and self-dependence through the Skill Development Program. We have majorly two main units - Tailoring and Beautician Courses.

How do we do this?
We conduct training sessions and support the women in establishing their tailor/beautician centers.

Current Status

We have trained 88 women in four batches from different slums in tailoring. We provided skills to these women to stitch different garments. Most of the tailors were semi-literates and instructions were repeated in local languages for them to grasp well. We had supplied low quality cloths for trainees to practice cutting and mock stitching.

Currently, a total of 20 women are working from home with own machines and 6 women are working with rented machines, and 2 women work outside – with a boutique for 14K and 8K. One woman (Ms. Monica) started her own shop in Rajendra Nagar. 30 women are coming to the tailoring center in the evening for additional training and the they get trained for 1or 2 hours daily additionally.

Totally for the year 2021-2022, we have trained 54 women on 25 subjects both theoretical & practical session conducted for the students. In each and every lesson note, we have written down the process of doing the service, effects, side effects, advantages, disadvantages, things to be remember, care to be taken after the service, home remedies tips, tricks and requirements.

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