Envisioning A Socially Just Society

MAARGA’s Odyssey of COVID-19 Intervention


Maarga is a community based organisation in Karnataka that works for equitable distribution of fundamental resources and respect for human dignity and diversity where urban deprived communities are fearlessly enabled to voice their concern for change.


We believe in creating a socially just society where every person from the most deprived communities, especially children and women, live a dignified life of their own aspirations, free from all forms of structural bondage.

Maarga believes that equality should form the basis for social reconstruction and social reform. It has been working on the issues of historically disadvantaged communities since August 2000.


What do we do?

We build fraternal networks of institutions and individuals to sustain an English learning ecosystem for slum children using tools such as sports, music, art, cinema, the internet and popular culture. Our central philosophy is facilitating interaction between people from different social classes in order to enable knowledge transfer.


As an institution located inside a slum and run by a team of mostly women residents, Maarga has deep roots in the local communities. As local stake holders, we play the role of a bridge between the community and our partners.

The learning spaces we have created in Nellorepuram and Ejipura with the help of our partner organisations is a working example of this philosophy. Each of our partner, institutions and individuals, work with complete autonomy in their respective fields of intervention.

Get Involved

We look forward for your partnership of every type including volunteer engagement, donations through kind, service, and finance. You could also connect us to other individuals, civil society organisations, private organisations who could support our programs through their donations.

We are also looking for volunteers and interns who can support us in our work with urban deprived communities. We are open to collaborative action research and like-minded Non-governmental organisations to work with.

Write to us at maarga.karnataka@gmail.com