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Envisioning A Socially Just Society


Maarga is a community led organisation of deprived communities along the path of forced migration – from distressed villages to slums and streets in cities of India with the aim of equitable distribution of resources – social and economic, and respect for human dignity, where deprived communities in rural and urban India are fearlessly enabled to voice their concern and ideas for change.


We believe in a socially just society where every person facing displacement and forced migration, especially children and women, live a dignified life of their own aspirations, free from all forms of structural bondage.


Maarga believes in the preambulary values of the Indian Constitution that equality and fraternity should form the basis for social reform and economic reconstruction. It has been working on the issues of historically disadvantaged communities since August 2000.

Our Focus
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What do we do?

We build fraternal networks of institutions and individuals to sustain ecosystems of habitat and productive livelihoods for adults, and developmental opportunities through quality learning spaces for children in socially marginalised ‘colonies’ in villages and urban slums through English education, sports, music, art, cinema, the internet and popular culture. Our central philosophy is facilitating structured interaction between people from different social classes as equals in order to enable vibrancy and cross learning.


As an institution located within socially and spatially marginalised settings in villages and cities, and run by teams of mostly local residents, largely women, Maarga has deep roots in the local communities. As local stake holders, we play the role of a bridge between the community and our partners.

Maarga partners with the funding community, issue-based networks, and individuals in the fields of education, sustainable agriculture, livelihoods, democratisation, labour and dignified housing. The productive spaces we have created in Rainfed villages of Rural Kolar, and among communities in Bangalore slums are working example of this philosophy.

Get Involved

Maarga welcomes constructive partnerships of every kind – as a volunteer, academic scholar, student intern, subject matter expert, and as a donor of finance and other resources. You could also connect us to other individuals, civil society organisations, private organisations who can help achieve these shared goals.

You can expect insights and volunteering opportunities in the fields of education, agriculture, environment, social and economic justice, livelihoods, public health and housing rights.

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